ClearParseTM 1.0 Open Edition

Open Source developers, put the power of a true parsing system into your applications without having to understand parsing theory or deal with code generators.

ClearParse Open Edition makes your product robust by using proven parsing techniques and providing error recovery capability. It's a flexible engine that can be used for any parsing task including interpreting or compiling programming languages, analyzing or converting data files, processing command line parameters and user input, implementing markup languages and scripts, natural language processing (NLP), and more. Weighing in at only about 70 KB, there's no reason not to take advantage of ClearParse Open Edition's streamlined code to enable your application to do more faster and with less overhead.

Can commercial products use ClearParse Open Edition?

A product can use ClearParse Open Edition only if it is an open source product that is licensed under the GNU General Public License. In other words, it must be free software. If your product is not open source, then you need ClearParse Standard or ClearParse Professional.

Features and benefits


ClearParse Open Edition is an efficient, GPL-licensed, general-purpose, top-down parsing engine with practically unlimited backtracking capability. Since ClearParse Open Edition is an engine rather than a code generator, you simply load your grammar into it and make calls to the engine from your application to produce a parsing tree for the source material.

Unlike many other parsers, ClearParse Open Edition doesn't require that its grammar be LL(1) compliant and you don't have to make left-factoring adjustments. However, because it is a top-down parser, ClearParse Open Edition doesn't support left recursions. Instead, ClearParse Open Edition can find and warn you of both immediate and hidden left recursions in your grammar.

With the ClearParse Open Edition engine you can also process multiple sources simultaneously, monitor, control and debug the parser's progress with callback functions, define your own error recovery rules directly in the grammar, and much more.

System requirements


ClearParse Open Edition is licensed under the GNU General Public License. As a result, it is free for use in and for distribution with projects that are licensed under the GPL.

If your product is not licensed under the GPL, you can purchase the Standard or Professional versions of ClearParse. These versions are dual-licensed and can be used with closed, commercial products.

Download ClearParse Open Edition

The ClearParse Open Edition binaries and source files are available at the ClearParse Open Edition project page.